Attrition Calculator
Enter your company values in the non-colored fields in the form below. All colored fields are calculated from your entered values. Place your mouse cursor over any field label for an explanation of that field. Note: During the calculations all salaries are adjusted by the burden rate. For purposes of form simplification we only show the effect of burden on the employee rate.

To get started follow the steps below.
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Step 1 - Enter the General Company or Department Information. This gives you the flexibility of analyzing each area of your company.
Step 2 - Click on departure costs to go to that area
Step 3 - Scroll down to the Vacancy cost box or click on Vacancy Costs
Step 4 - Scroll down to the Staffing cost box or click on Staffing Costs
Step 5 - Scroll down to the Training costs box or click on Training Costs
To recalculate click on any of the Calculate buttons

Attrition Costs

Departure Costs
Vacancy Costs
Staffing Costs
Training Costs

Attrition is costly because it includes many factors. The following parameters will help you
calculate the cost of attrition in your company using the Viatech Global Attrition Calculator.

General Company or Department Information - Step 1
  Number of Employees
  Attrition Rate (%/Year)
  Average Employee Salary

After changing any of the values from here on down, click the Calculate button to recalculate.
Unlike the boxes above, these are not calculated automatically when they are changed.

  Burden Rate (%)
  Average Employee Burdened Salary
Departure - Step 2
  Decreased Motivation & Productivity
  Avg Productivity, Normal Employee (%)
  Avg Productivity, Departing Employee (%)
  Transition Length (weeks)
  Termination Tasks - Leaving Employee
  Termination Work, Departing Employee (hrs)
  Termination Work, Other Employees (hrs)
  Average Salary, Other Employees ($/year)
Vacancy Step 3
  Coverage - Other Employees
  Coverage Time by Other Employees (weeks)
Staffing - Step 4
  Employment Services (Outside Vendor)
  Flat Fee % of Salary Hourly Fee None
  Flat fee amount
  Fee percentage
Hourly Fee
Number of Hours
  Cost of Advertising
  Placing Ad and Related (hrs)
  Reading Application/Resume (min)
  Applicants (count)
  Recruiter's Salary
  Candidates (count)
  Screening Time (hours)
  HR Rep's salary
  Interviewer's Salary
  # Interviews
  Interview Time (hours)
  Meals - Candidate ($)
  Travel/Accomodations - Candidate ($)
  Drug test & Background Check
  Relocation Bonus
  Starting Bonus
  Starting Bonus
Training - Step 5
  Formal Training
  Formal Training (hours)
  Avg Number of Students
  Avg Trainer's Salary
  "Learning Curve"
  Initial Productivity
  Learning Curve Time (weeks)
  Buddy/Manager Training Time
  Avg Manager/Buddy's Salary
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